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Used woodworking machinery video

pubblicato 17 mar 2016, 08:46 da Stefano Ruffa   [ aggiornato in data 4 feb 2019, 01:36 ]

STEDA used woodworking machinery for sale, ITALY


You can find used woodworking machines ads here. Used woodworking machinery dealers in Europe. Best second hand used woodworking machinery in Italy. Here our new video dedicated to used woodworking machinery for sale. Many years of experience in the sale of machines and accessories for woodworking allows us to guarantee the best supply for used woodworking machinery. 

Since 1977 STE.DA SRL has been on the market for selling woodworking machinery. Ste.Da can draw projects of sawmills and joineries, complete them with the best solutions among new and second hand machinery and put them to the test. Used woodworking machinery reconditioned delivered in accordance with current European laws in Security and with guarantee of mechanical parts for six/twelve months. 

Used woodworking machine for sale, expert and specialized personnel, many tests made on our second hand woodworking machinery that are made in our service workshop, and the right accessories, carefully make certainly to increases the productivity of sawmill and carpentry.
For this reason SteDa is also dealer of the best manufacturers of blades for sawmill, for multi-disc, cutters and tools to give you a supply really complete.

Reconditioning and repair of used woodworking machinery Europe 

The repair work is done by ourselves and is carried out as specific as each machine and customer requires. Our repair sevices are wide, we operate in the fields of mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics, control systems, computer science, automation technology, electrical engineering, electronics ... These services are performed always by our experienced specialists. 
Reconditioning and repair for u
sed woodworking machine for sale is completed with replacement of worn parts and electrical systems fully refurbished, thanks to our big original spare parts stock in place.

In particular, testing and revision carried out on  Weinig and Holzher woodworking machines , provides for the accurate control of the working surfaces, the universal joints, belts, transmission bearing and  if necessary, the system is checked with pneumatic and electrical replacement of all parts that might be damaged or worn.

Find used woodworking machinery Europe, at best prices. 

Our used woodworking machinery for sale offers are the result of a meticulous analysis to find the most appropriate solutions for demands of sawmills, joineries, small artisans and large industries for woodworking but also plastic, aluminum and composite materials. Wide assortment of woodworking machinery, used woodworking machinery and original spare parts for carpentry, sawmills, joineries. Almost all are visible at our office with immediate delivery.

Contact us, used woodworking machinery for sale, quality second hand, reconditioned machines, guaranteed at extremely low prices and best conditions.